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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.34

1. When was the last time you helped out a friend in need? What was going on that made you want to help?
I help out friends with various things regularly I think. Does someone you were recently “involved with” count? Cuz in that case then it is this week as I am loaning her something.

2. Are you a “pet” person? Do you like to keep pets or would you rather not bother with them? Why?
I’m allergic to cats and most dogs so I don’t have any pets. I like both but really can’t have them. Though the last one had a dog and it didn’t seem to bother my allergies at all, which was odd.

3. In a dating or married relationship, is it possible to change someone to be more like you want them to be? Have you tried to or had someone try to change you? How did it turn out?
It is not possible. You can turn them on to new things that are interests of yours like music or movies or a particular brnd of beer, but to outright try and change who they are doesn’t happen. The “ex-wife” tried her damndest to change me into what she though I should be in her eyes, and when her efforts to mold me into this object failed, she left me for the first “yes-man” she could find and control better, whom she ended up marrying. If you like someone not for who they are, but what you want them to me, and want to change them into that, then you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.

4. In your opinion, why is it that some married people have affairs? Is it ever justified?
Perhaps there is something at home they are lacking. Perhaps they are not being treated nice by their spouse. Is it justified? If I am the one they are having an affair with I’d say yeah cuz I can justify just about anything. In general? I don’t know, I guess it really depends on the situation.

5. Do you tend to make the same mistakes over and over? Got any examples?
Yeah, have you seen my relationship history?! I’ve made the same mistake over and over with the same girls! One I got back together with on 5 separate occasions only to have the same shitty end results! You’d think I’d learn. Also I inadvertatnly seem to get involved with girls that are already involved, or just end up in relationships that are full of drama and are complicated. I don’t seek these things out at all but it just keeps happening to me it seems. You’d think I’d learn that no matter what kind of good chemistry I have with someone, if she’s invovled with someone else at the time I should just turn and run but I don’t and can’t. Or, at the first sign of weirdness or when there starts to be drama I should get the hell out.

6. What do you find distracts you the most when you are trying to concentrate?
Things of a personal nature that weigh heavily on my mind. For example, despite my best efforts to concentrate on anything else, I can not stop thinking about the former “queen of the manor” and getting bummed out about it and miss her.

7. What do you know “now,” that you wish you knew “then?”
That is a tough one. I’d like to think I am smarter now than I was then but I don’t know. There are things I wish I could go back and do differently now knowing what the outcome was.


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