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Crown me, I am godlike

Last nite after work I went over to the Clown Ranch to gather up the assklowns and we went to the Tivoli to see Dr. Strangelove. I never saw it before and it was quite entertaining. Every so often the Tivoli has this movie appreciation club that meets up there and they show some old movie and they have an auction and other stuff. They even serve beer! They had my two favorites too but I was not drinking as I had to be to work early today. If you are not a member of that club, it is 8 bucks to get in, if you are a member it is 4 dollars. I asked the kid working the ticket window if he coudl pretend we were members so we could pay the 4 bucks and he hooked us up. There is hope for the youth after all! After that I headed home and called it a nite as I had to rise at an ungodly hour to get here this morning. It was a bad day yesterday between getting a phone call from the former Queen of the Manor to getting in an argument with another lady and finally calling her on her shit and pretty much ending that alleged friendship. It was al all around shitty day, if it wasn’t for the movies and the Mr Submarine for lunch, the day would have been a total waste and I still wish that I never left the bed yesterday morning, thereby maybe avoiding having to deal with the crap.


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