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I found out last nite that I left the cable for my camera at Tim’s place. I went to the store and got a card reader on sale for 10 bucks so I could pull these pix off the camera.

The In and Out Burger on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. I ate here twice in the same day!

While eating here with Bob…

He pointed out to me that they hide secret god messages on the packaging on their burgers and drinks. Here is the proof:

Does this mean it is Christ Cola?!

Or a god burger?! There should be separation of church and burger dammit!

Click below where it says MORE for the rest of the fun.

After a hearty meal, we went to Alta Loma to Dr. Strange where I got some fine items and got to spend some time with the Doc, and Hot Dog Boy at the store. You couldn’t find a nicer couple of guys.

Here’s Tim Gore, who always goes above and beyond the call of friendship by putting me up, driving me around, and loaning me his vehicle….

And let’s not forget little Ozzy, his new dog who garners all the attention when we go out….

He was named, of course, after Ozzy Osbourne, who lives in this house…

Luckily Ozzy has the good sense to not worship the bullshit of a science fiction writer like some other celebrities, and you won’t find him hanging out here…

or here

A couple record stores I visited…

and the king of all shops, a store so big and intimidating that I think I got aroused when I first walked in…

After eating at pinks…

we saw Elvis!!!!

Unfortunately there was no shows here for me to see this time….

But I did eat breakfast at Duke’s which is 2 doors down.

The reason I went on this trip in the first place was to see Black Flag here…

And did I mention my love for this place despite the god?

This one we stopped at on the way to San Diego, where I also stopped at

to get my lighter cuz “strange things are afoot and the Circle K”, and it is a tradition that my sister started for me.

I got my package grabbed by a good looking woman while talking to her and her friend here…

And I had a moment of punk rock deja vu when I saw these…

“Went driving down to San Diego, passing by the nuclear tits, go away off my earth!!!” – Kids on Coffee by the Descendents


  • fuk you’re making me hungry for some in-n-out.

    did you know the first amoeba record shop was in berkeley on telegraph? bought me plenty of used cd’s at that place during college, that another place called Rasputin’s….

    aloha! glad you’re having fun! how was black flagg?

  • The opening bands blew. The set they did of the entire My War album with the singer of Mike V and the Rats was boring. The actual Flag show was pretty good overall, a bit sloppy and not as energetic as one would have hoped but I was glad to get to see some lineup of the band as I missed them back in the day due to not having any transportation to shows before I got my own car. Many were hyper-critical of the show, I enjoyed it probably more for the overall experience and being in good company with friends than for what was happening on stage.

  • Agreed with the good company aspect of the show. I had a GREAT time! In our history of going to punk rock shows, we’ve been to many, many worse.

    And as far as In & Out Burger? It’s like getting a lapdance from the savior!

  • I ate the grilled cheese and it was also magically delicious! I think the last time I ate mammal was when Mike convinced me to eat Gyros on an extended lunch break from Kmart where we worked together about…sixteen years ago! I’d only decided about a week previously to give up meat, so it wasn’t yet a major transgression.


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