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Am I missing something or was there something wrong with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie that necessitated a remake? I fail to see the purpose of that. Is Hollywood so lacking of new ideas that they have to remake (and usually taint) classic movies? Was it really necessary to remake Psycho? I hear they are doing it to The Warriors too. What’s next, are they going to remake Star Wars? Oh wait, isn’t the rumor that Lucas is doing that with all the changes he was going to make to them when it finally comes out on DVD? I guess that is not a good example. Anyway, you get my point. I find it annoying that they make new and unimproved versions of good movies. Tell them to stop it!


  • Did you see the Exorcist when it was rereleased with the “new” digital effects? At least the original movie was left intact and not completely remade with a new cast.

  • I never did see that. I don’t mind it so much when they just fix some stuff or add scenes to the original movies, it is when they totally remake them when there is trouble.


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