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Post Birthday update

After my day of work out here in CA was done, I went back to my hotel room to get in touch with everyone to start the festivites. I got a message from Thor that he was actually down in the lobby of my hotel so I went and found him and we tried for about a half hour or more to reach TGore to see if he was coming out for the fun, and more importatnly if he’d give Bob a ride. After not being able to reach him, we gave up and Thor drove us out to Hollywood from Marina Del Rey where I am staying. This meant he was responsible for driving me back home at the end of the evening. It was nice of him to come thru when our initial plans didn’t work out. We went to In and Out burger for birthday dinner. It ruled. My godburger and christcola were top notch. We then met up with Bob and Staci at a local bar for a drink. Someone suggested we call Hollywood Billards and ask for Tim as we knew he would be there. He was so we cabbed it over there and had drinks with Tim and his mom (momma Gore) and played some pool for a bit after the Gores went home. After some more serums and poor pool playing, we went to the casa de Gore for a bit and then cabbed it back to the area where Bob lives and had some drinks and darts at The Power House. Overall it was a fun evening, and I really enjoyed being able to spend it with my friends. Couple that with a good day at work and it was a pretty nice birthday. Thanks to Thor, Bob, and Staci for taking me out, and thanks to TGore too for not totally flaking out, and being around, not to mention the offer to put me up in December for The Weirdos show.

There is some pictures of the evening that I took and Thor took and I’ll post some when I get home and can pull mine off the camera.

Tomorrow I have one last day of work here, then flying back on the red eye home. I will arrive in Chicago at 5am! That is going to be a rough one as I’ll likely not be able to sleep on the plane. I’ll sleep all day and then go to pinball expo that nite.


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