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Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my bday. I happend to be spending it in CA as I am out here right now for work. Thor and Bob (and hopefully Tim Gore) will be joining me this evening for some bday festivities, that will likely entail drinking. I’m 34 today in case you are keeping score at home. I hate the fact I am getting older in physical years, although with my new approach to life, growing DOWN instead of growing up, I’ll be back to age 21 in no time!

RMD drew me a picture for my bday. That is her holding a cake for me. It is nice to know, that despite the fact that I sucked as her boyfriend and didn’t treat her as well as she deserved, she is still a very sweet girl. It really put a smile on my face when I received this via email and meant a lot to me. Thank you RMD.



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