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The Quadruple Birthday Bash at Combustion Manor

Last saturday I held the first annual Quadruple birthday bash at Combustion Manor. First it was just to be a dual bday bash for myself, and Assklown #1 (aka: Cheddar Nines), however this turned into a triple bday bash when we learned J. Bear’s bday was the day inbetween mine and #1’s! Later still, the day I picked to have the party on turned out to be little Devin’s bday (who actually didn’t end up making it to the party). A record number of people showed up to the party, I mean there was a TON of people here to celebrate, and a record number of beer was consumed. The empty bottles took up 2 full garbage cans. Not a kitchen can, I am talking the kind you take to the curb for the trash man to pick up! Below is some pix Pod took with the Panasonic Ewear, and clicking on MORE will take you to the rest. It was easily the best party I have ever had, and I plan to make this an annual event. I had a great time, it was the most fun I’ve had in a couple months!

MXV flanked by Lady O and Sir O

Cheddar Nines (aka: Assklown #1) and Pod (who took all these pix)

J. Martin showing off his alleged pinball playing injury!

Zach who corrupts

Sarah and Chris Holmes

Mike Byrne

D. Coons in the basement of the manor

A drunk Jim in Combustion Manor’s tribute to Just Games

The lovely Willow (the lady Ryan)

The Duke Schneider

Danger and Skin Gallery Chris

Hannover Fist

Skin Gallery Chris, Assklown #2, and Danger

MXV and Danger

Nanotech setting back the clocks, giving us one more hour of drinking!

Coco Hole

Making peace with the people



The aftermath!


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