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The Haunted Mansion!

I was looking forward to The Haunted Mansion movie because I am a fan of the Disney attraction, and I have a plaque of The Haunted Mansion in my house (it is the logo from the front door and it is fucking cool). Some even argue that Combustion Manor is a Haunted Mansion with its goth-like decor. Thor showed me this website for The Haunted Mansion Movie, which is one of the coolest sites I have ever seen. Take the tour of the mansion, it is really neat!


  • It isn’t out yet. I think it has a week or so before it is released but I am going to go see it for sure. Yeah, it has Eddie Murphy in it, which could mean trouble, he’s had his moments of good (especially his early films) and his moments of sheer suck (most of his recent stuff).


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