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It should be illegal!

While at work, cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID and it says private. That should have been the first sign of trouble, though I do know a person or two who comes up as private for some reason. I answer the phone:

MXV: Hello
Some robotic lady: Hello sir, blah blah, marketing research, blah blah….
MXV (interrupting her spiel): Why in the hell are you telemarking me on MY CELL PHONE?!
Robotic lady: Oh, I’m sorry sir, the computer just randomly generates the phone numbers
MXV: Is this computer going to be paying my cell phone bill for the precious daytime minutes you just wasted of mine?!
Robotic Lady: Um, no I’m sorry sir…
MXV: Then I suggest you take me off yr fucking call list and hope you never call me again. (HANGS UP)

God damn those sons of bitches, if I knew where they were located, I’d firebomb the place!

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