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The rest of the weekend

After I got home friday nite from the show, it had to be like 5am or so, I’m not sure really. I was still drunk and had to leave my car in the city and get a ride home. I took a shower and washed the smoke off of me and then cooked myself some brown and serve sausage as I needed to have some food in me to prevent getting sick. It seemed to work. I slept like utter shit though, maybe gettting 4 hours max. I woke up and called #2 to see if he and his lady would be taking the train to the city with me to get my car and see Pelican at Reckless with me and Willow. Turns out there was a change of plans on his end. He did end up giving me a ride to my car in the city and just dropping me off. I felt like total shit, I had a super-hangover. I toughed it up and went and met up with Willow for lunch at a place she picked out. It was pretty good, and the breakfast food did me some good. We then went to Reckless for some shopping and to see Pelican play. They were as good as always, and that was the 5th time I have seen them since July! I had a nice time and walked Willow back to her car and then left the city to meet up with #1 for dinner at Hooters.

I made good time getting out there and actually beat #1 there. I talked to Manager Pete while waiting for him to show up. We had dinner, shot the shit, and made some punk rock plans for a couple projects we want to do and then I called it an early nite to go home and relax, watch some DVDs and go to sleep early as I still felt like crap. I got thru one episode of Battlestar Galatica, turned on regular tv and passed out on the couch where I stayed the whole nite and slept maybe 10 hours. I needed that but was still tired when I woke up!

Yesterday I cleaned up the manor, updated my website and just relaxed for a bit. At nite, I picked up #2 to get him out of the house and have a distraction from his troubles, and we went to Bottom Lounge to see The Locust. It was a great show, all the bands were entertaining. It also got out earlier than any show I have ever seen in my life! We hit Pennys Noodles for dinner, then went to the fireside to see another show. I forget the name of the band off the top of my head, but they were entertaining and they gave me one of their cd’s. We hung out in the bar during the rest of the bands and talked with some people for awhile then called it a nite. Overall a very fun weekend that flew by way too fast!

Pictures from last nite’s show will be posted up here when I get home from work.



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