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Xmas in New England

Up at my sister’s place in MA visiting for xmas. It is like a trip back in time having to use dialup GAY OL account for net access! Oh if they’d only get a cable modem!

I hit a couple record shops here yesterday but needed a lot more time to really hit them all. Note to self – allow an extra day next time specifically for record shopping. I did get a few items for the vault however at one store and was pleased with my purchases.

Have a merry xmas everyone, I hope you all get some cool swag from yr family, loved ones, and friends.

While I have enjoyed all this travel, I am looking forward to some time home to recover and relax!


  • I’m right there with you – am saddled with parents AOL which is even more hellish than I remember it being…also, If I recall correctly where you said your sister lives – We’re in neighboring towns right now!

    Merry Christmas!!!


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