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Monday morning

Man was it hard to wake up today! This was the earliest I’ve been up in a week, I got used to sleeping until noon again. Last nite I had a strange dream that I went to work, and when I was leaving for the day, I forgot where I parked my car. I was looking all over the neighborhood for it and could not find it. They had closed down some of the streets for construction, and traffic was being directed away from the streets by George, the guy who owns the Palace Grill! I woke up baffled by such a fucked up dream, and a little panicked that I didnt’ have a car anymore.

I have grown quite attached to this Ipod that I received for xmas. Our company bought every employee one for a xmas gift! I already got the gear to hook it up to the car stereo and I love it. No more being limited to the 6 cds in the changer located in the trunk! I’ve been ripping cds of mine like a madman because a lot of the ones I already ripped and have at work, weren’t compatible because the id tags must be screwy. Itunes rips hella fast and is a sweet program. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a device to actually mount the Ipod in the car? Right now I just set it on the seat next to me but I want something to hold it in place and more accessible.

So what is everyone doing for new years eve?


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