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Monday Mission 3.52

So, what did you get for Christmas?
My dad got me a supersized Best Buy gift card which netted me a Wireless G card for my laptop, a dvd burner for the desktop, the Belkin car adapter for my Ipod, and I still have juice on it! He was super generous this year. My sister got me the new Tony Hawk Game (THUG) for PS2, a couple DVDs, and some candy and a calendar, and my work got me an Ipod!

Are you returning any gifts you were given for Christmas?
Nope, I’m keeping it all. I really like everything I got.

What is the best part of Christmas being over?
Not having to shop, and the crowds at stores being a lot smaller.

Do you have any traditions each year for New Year’s Eve?
Just trying to make sure I have something to do so I don’t have to sit home alone.

If you could go back into 2003 and change just one thing, or get a “do over,” what would you do?
I’m not sure, there isn’t much about this year I would change, it was a pretty good year overall. The good outweighed the bad this year. I probably would have spent more time on my 2 personal trips to CA out there.

Is there anything you want to accomplish in 2004 that seems within reach?
I haven’t given it much thought. I just hope it is an even better year than 2003 was and that things will look up for me.

Is your online personality very different from what it would be like if I were meeting you in “real life?”
I think it is pretty much the exact same.

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  • I beg to differ, I have met you in person and your real-life personality is nothing like your online personality.


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