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They never cease to amaze me

The ladies that is. I just got a card in the mail from Kristin, who if you long time readers may recall, was a friend of mine for 12 years. Earlier this year, however, she decided to cease all communication with me for no apparent reason. She didn’t return my calls, or emails, and when I saw her on instant msg, she ignored me. She had also stopped mailing me tapes of her radio show. I had totally written her off as a complete asshole for doing that and figured I’d never hear from her again. Then in the mail on saturday I get a xmas card from her, and she wrote a letter in there filling me in on crap that she has been up to since we last spoke. No mention of why she stopped talking to me or anything. She did put at the end she hopes I don’t hate her or something like that. Very strange indeed.


  • That’s totally crazy!
    I think you at least deserve some semblance of an explanation.


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