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Damn Snow!

There is a blizzard going on outside and I don’t like it one bit! Today I had to go pick up JLS at the airport, however his plane never landed. When I left, I checked the website and it appeared his plane was on schedule, I guess they changed their mind about landing when they got closer to Chicago. I spent an hour waiting until he called from IN saying his plane went there instead, so I ended up driving thru the shitty weather for nothing.

Last nite I went to see Bad Santa with #2 at the Tivoli, no one else was able to go with so it was just us. The movie was really funny and well worth the money. Helll, I may even buy the DVD when it comes out.

Friday I had the day off and I felt like crap so I stayed in and played THUG on the PS2 all day and cleaned up the house.

New Years Eve I went to Keith’s party. I had a good time despite the small turnout. Anna Nicole Alphahottie’s sister was there and we were having a good laugh talking about how fucked up that Anna Nicole is for marrying a senior citizen.

That is about the extent of my 4 day weekend, rather uneventful but I have enjoyed it. I hope this damn snow stops and they get the roads cleaned off good by the morning so I can make it to work, though I’d much prefer another few days off.


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