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Mother Nature, why won’t you die?!

It is a whopping 8 degrees outside today. I froze my ass off in the short amount of time I was outside. Underneath the standard issue punk rock leather jacket, I had on my hooded sweatshirt, and another sweatshirt type thing, plus I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, and a t-shirt underneath. Actually I felt it most on my legs, jeans isn’t enough protection from the arctic blasts of wind today it seems. Why can’t every place be like CA and have nice weather all year long? With all the stupid inventions they come up with, whey can’t they make a global warming device that makes it at least fall weather during this time of the year instead of cold?

My vow to start bringing lunch to work 4 days a week in an effort to save a little money and not have to go out in the cold was the best idea I have stuck to in quite awhile. While eating the same exact lunch with the only variety being what flavor soup I have with my sandwich leaves a little to be desired, it is worth it to not have to go back out there in the evil until it is time to go home (in which case, it will be dark out, and probably 10 degrees colder).

The day they invent basements in houses in Los Angeles CA, and make them affordable, is the day that Combustion Manor moves to the west coast!



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