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Booze, bowling, back at work

Friday: After work went home, changed and hit Potbellys for dinner. After that went over to the clown ranch to meet up with 1, 2, Hannover Fist and skingallery Chris to go to Lyon’ Den for Punk Rock Fridays. It was a lot of fun, though I don’t remember the names of any of the bands that played. We talked with a bunch of people there, and I gave out a bunch of Spontaneous Combustion buttons.

Saturday, woke up late and a bit hung over, barely made it to the post office to mail a bunch of crap, then cleaned the house for a good portion of the day. At nite we all went to the Tivoli Bowl to have a surprise bday party for our friend (and former Insane War Tomato) John Martin. There was a ton of people there, we had the whole bowling alley to ourselves and much serums were consumed and drunk bowling commenced. It was a blast, and I saw some people I had not seen in over a decade! It was good to see old friends again and catch up, it was almost like a mini high-school reunion. I was a little too sauced to drive home, well actuallly a LOT too sauced, so I left my car there and hitched a ride home with one of my friends who was sober.

Sunday I just layed around the house all day recovering, and the loaf came by to give me a ride to go pick up my car. Aside from updating my record list and filing away records, I didn’t do much else.

Right now, back at work, and anxiously awaiting the UPS man to arrive and deliver my new PC that I ordered for Combustion Manor. No more 2 day waits for encoding videos for the old punk video to DVD conversions I am doing! So tonite I’ll be setting that thing up, and tomorrow nite I have to finish that Mentors CD booklet for Mystic Records.


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