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This damn cold weather makes me want to hibernate

I find I have far less energy, and even less motivation, in the winter time, especially when it gets this cold. We need a second sun, one that will keep this weather from ever happening.

Last nite after watching a pretty damn good Smallville, I went over to the Clown Ranch in an effort to make some new Spontaneous Combustion buttons. That turned out to be a total bust. First there was no more of the proper paper, which I could have fixed by going to the store, but the kicker was there was not enough materials to make any. What was left was reserved for a job. So I have to wait until the next batch comes in, which will hopefully be in a day or two, and then go out and get some paper so I can make them. I was hoping to get new ones made before the weekend but that isn’t looking very likely at this point.


  • You gutterpunks have a boring, bland set of “punk” rules.

    Obviously some of you never _got_it_ in the first place.

  • Um, how on earth did you possibly come to this conclusion based on the post about cold weather and button making? And how are we “gutterpunks”? None of us live in a gutter, panhandle at shows, nor are “homeless” because we ran away from our parents home.


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