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It would be cheaper to walk!

Could someone explain to me just why the price of gas went up 20 cents since Saturday when I last filled up the car?! Fuckers!

Speaking of saturday, I failed to mention to the people that I saw Joan Jett play at the Paramout Theatre in Aurora. It was an expensvie, but good show. The theatre is very nice, and pretty old. It kind of reminded me of the Chicago Theatre and the best part, NO SMOKING! That ruled. I could breathe and I didn’t smell after the show. The sound was excellent and we had pretty good seats. Joan played all the hits, and a ton of songs I wasn’t familiar with including some new tracks to be on the next album she is going to record. She’s held up quite well over the years, she looked good from what I could tell, and she sounded even better. I figured I owed it to her to go see her show as she did produce The Germs album, and was in The Runaways and I was not disappointed, it was totally worth the money, and going out in the evil arctic cold.

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