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In and Out, Amoeba, Sun?

I’m out in Los Angeles again. Work and pleasure both this time. So far it has been a good trip. Unfortunately, I’m a moron and forgot to pack the DAT recorder so my interview with Lisa of Frontier Records will have to wait until April. Plan on meeting up with Doug Moody and Billy Bones while I’m in town, and Youth Brigade is playing a show out here too while I’m around so I’ll be attending that one for sure with Bob and Thor.

I have pix from the Vicki and Since By Man shows to resize and post up here when I have a free minute, and when I get back home, I have a couple newer pix of Mr. Potatohead and his recent exploits. Ah, so much to do, but so little time!

So far the In and Out burger visits count is at 2. I still require Pink’s and Del Taco when I’m here too!


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