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The cows have all gone home

I’m back from CA, came in late last nite and had to go right to bed so I could get up for work (at the new location).

While I was in CA, I scored free tickets to a UPW wrestling event. It was pretty fun and Jimmy Superfly Snuka wrestled! So did the Outsiders, Ivory, and a lot of other folks. There was some good and some not so good matches but overall it was worth a trip to Anaheim from Hollywood in traffic.

I saw Youth Brigade and The Briefs at the Troubador also on Saturday. Bob and Thor went with me. Both bands were excellent. I took a few pix which I will hopefully post tonite, along with the promised pix of Since By Man and Vicki from their respective shows that I went to before I left last week for my trip.

While in LA, I found thru Doug Moody, a much more affordable mastering place where I will be getting my next release done. I also may be doing another release from another old punk band, as a split release with another label if everything goes as hoped!

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