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Since I’ve been back, the punk rock projects are starting to pile up. First and foremost, I have started work on the next Spontaneous Combustion Records release, which will be:

SCR-005 Government Issue – 1981 first demo 7″

That’s right, never before released and recorded before their “Legless Bull” 7″. A slice of DC hardcore history. First pressing of 500 copies only. There may or may not be a CD version as well. If I do a CD, it will be the first CD release in the history of Spontaneous Combustion. Personally I’m not a fan of the things, vinyl is my true love, but there would likely be actual profit from doing one, which means I could give the band actual royalties. There will of course be a limited color vinyl edition for my mailorder and the record will have the nice packaging that my label has been known for. The master will arrive in a couple weeks, and it will get mastered on my next trip to CA in april. Look for an early may release.

There is also talks right now of another potential release and hopefully it will pan out. I’ll keep you all posted if it does. If it does, it will be very exciting for me.

Asdie from that, I’ve been doing some more work for Mystic. The Mentors CD is finished and is going to manufacturing asap and will be out in march. I’ve started work on the next release which is collects 1 and a half old compilations onto a single cd. This will be a really good one as one of them is an all time favorite comp of mine.

This weekend I don’t plan on doing a whole lot. Friday nite is likely the only nite I’ll be going out, and that is to Lyon’s Den for the Punk Rock Fridays show. I have to do some shopping over the weekend, and I have enough crap to do around the manor to keep me occupied, plus after all the running around I did out in CA, it will be nice to just stay in and relax.

Could someone please make my headache go away? This ibuprofin doesn’t seem to be helping.

The new office is really nice, the drive however, sucks ass.

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