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Thursday Three

1. Do you consider yourself healthy? How often do you typically get sick?
I seem to get sick fairly regularly, but not as much as I did when I was younger, so I guess I am healthier than I was, but it could be better.

2. When you *are* sick, do you stay home and let your body do its thing, or do you fight it and keep going? Depending on which method you subscribe to, does it work well?
Depends on the sickenss but I tend to stay home, rest, and heal, and not infect people I work with.

3. In an office, airplane, or any other type of public setting, do you believe people share illnesses? Gimme an example.
Hell yes they do, fucking carriers! At work, we have people with kids and they are always hacking and being sick, and sharing their stupid sickness gems with the rest of us and getting everyone sick. Those bastards need to stay home if they are sick!


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