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Ipod nightmare

As you all may know, last week I sold my old Ipod (to Pod of all people) to buy the supersweet 40gig model. Well, I had it less than a week when it crapped out on me! It was working fine thru thursday nite. Friday I was at the airport and while waiting for my plane, I pulled out the Ipod ready to listen to some fine punk rock. I plugged in my brand new headphones, never before used yet, and started it up. I was shocked to find sound only coming out of one side! I reset it, reseated the headphones, all to no avail. When I got to my destination, I used my car gear to hook it up to the car and that didnt’ work either (and it used a different port, not the headphone jack). So I was fucked! I obsessed over it a great deal over the weekend and the plane ride back was extra boring when I finished reading the two magazines I had (thanks to my plane being an hour late arriving to pick me up, fuck you southwest, you let me down!).

So this morning, I set the alarm back a few extra minutes and I got to the Apple Store in Oak Brook right when they opened. I told them my tale of woe, produced my paperwork and they tried it out with their apple speakers from one of the computers on display and the damn thing worked! But it wasn’t working with my headphones that came with them and I told them how the car gear doesn’t work either. They gave me a brand new one and took back the old one (it was only 8 days ago that I bought this). They were very friendly and helpful as well. Now when I get home tonite I can reload this new one with my songs and rest easy.


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