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MXV returns to real radio!

This coming up tuesday nite (March 30th) I will be guest co-hosting a punk radio show! My friend, Darius (who books shows around Chicago and runs Criminal IQ records) has asked me to co-host this upcoming show in honor of The Weirdos coming to town on April 3rd. I’ll be supplying all the music, which will mainly consist of early punk from CA, but I’ll sprinkle in some vintage punk from other areas as well. I’ll play plenty of Weirdos songs of course as well. Here’s the info:

The Reality Radio Show
88.7FM (in Chicago)
or on the web
10pm – 12midnight CST

So check it out if you can. The last time I hosted a real-life radio show was back when I did a punk show on our high school’s radio station (something I believe Shigolch still has tapes of somewhere!).

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  • Are any of those opening bands any good or can I come late? Jesus The Weirdos are gonna go on at like fucking 2 am.


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