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“Skinny Puppy” returns

Skinny Puppy is playing here in Chicago on June 16th. Of course I wouldn’t miss it, they are my favorite band on earth. Well they were my favorite band on earth. This show better not be as big of a let-down as their upcoming new album is. That thing in no way sounds like a Skinny Puppy record, it sounds like some band on a Cleopatra Records industrial rock compilation! No it doesn’t suck, it is not a bad record at all, but it also doesn’t sound anything like the same band. The lack of Dwayne (RIP), the lack of Rave, 9 years away from the band, and the slew of outside collaborators, really has done them a dis-service. I actually wish they didn’t call this Skinny Puppy and would have given it a different name.


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