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Reason #32 why I love Potbellys!

A little while back I went to the Potbellys web site and sent them an email thru there telling them how much I love their food, and how I have been their biggest spokesman for the last 14 years and that I must have turned 100 people on to them, who in turn would have told their friends, etc. I swear I am the reason they are expanding now! I asked them if I could get a “gold card” so I can have cheap/free sandwiches for all my hard work. Well, I didn’t really expect to get a response but they wrote me back, and here is what they said.

Hi Mike,

Thank you…..thank you…thank you…. for being such a great fan!

We loved reading your email and hearing how much you enjoy Potbelly Sandwich Works. The time you took out of your day to send it to us is very much appreciated.

I don’t have a ‘gold card’ to give you but I can give you a sandwich! Would you mind providing me with your mailing address so I can send it to you?

Have a great weekend,

Gayle Nikel
Marketing Project Manager
Potbelly Sandwich Works

That sandwich will easily be the most tasty sandwich I’ll ever have because the only thing better than a Potbelly sandwich is a FREE Potbelly sandwich! That just made my whole day!

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  • my uncle owns the restraunt and i dont even get free sandwhiches. He has partners for all the shops not in chicago so he cant even give any free sandwhiches out to anyone outside of there


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