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Back from Cali part deux

Saturday: Bob and I took the trek up to Dr. Strange Records. I got a handful of records, including a test pressing for The Cheifs LP he is putting out. I also got the new MRR, which I ended up leaving in TGore’s bathroom, thus having nothing to read on the plane, luckily my laptop and DVDs kept me entertained. After we got back, I dropped off Bob at his place and drove over to Lisa Fancher’s house to interview her for the Spontaneous Combustion site. Lisa is the founder and owner of Frontier Records, who put out a bunch of great old punk records and is still going today, most recently putting out a Weirdos record. Lisa was really nice, and she even gave me some old Frontier test pressings for the vault! I left there, picked up Bob, Staci, and Thor and we went to Hollywood Forever cemetary for the Cinespia. They show a movie in the cemetary, against a mosoleum! It is like a drive in without cars, and graves! It was really neat, and the weather was damn near perfect for it. I found it a little hard to hear the movie because we were seated behind the last set of speakers, but I’d gladly go again. They showed Chinatown, which stars a very young Jack Nicholson. It was made by the notorius kid toucher Roman Polanski. I have never seen the film before and from what I could make out it seemed pretty good, but it was hard to follow not being able to hear so good. Thor posted a picture of it on his site, which he graciously let me also post on here.

Sunday: Went for breakfast at Duke’s with Tgore, MomGore, and Russ. I then packed up my stuff, ran over to Rhino Records where I walked out of there empty handed, then had one last In and Out Burger before heading over to the airport to go home. Overall a great trip, and just what I needed to feel better.

SCR-005 (Government Issue 7″) being mastered!

MXV and Richard Simpson, working on SCR-005

The movie at the cemetary! Photo by Jason Defillippo

An old punk rock artifact from the collection of Lisa Fancher


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