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On the mend, again

Home sick for the third day in a row. I started feeling crappy on sunday, but thought it to just be allergies. I was wrong and I’m sick. It has moved from my head down to my chest an throat, and it feels like a truck is parked on my chest, but that is an improvement from how I felt on monday. I need to heal up, fast! I leave for CA again this saturday and this sunday I’ll be at the WWE PPV in Los Angeles! I’ll be out in CA for work again, plus a little vacation at the end. I’m getting SCR-006 mastered when I’m there too and by the time I return, the sleeves and vinyl for SCR-005 (Government Issue) should be here!

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  • I’m leaving on the 18th but I should be in Chicago on Memorial Day. It falls on my Dad’s birthday this year so I can only swing by for a dog or two but I should be able to make it for a bit at least.


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