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Of records and In and Out

Still out in CA. The work portion of the trip is done, and it was a lot of fun, and very tiring. Now I’m on the mini-vacation/punk rock business trip portion of my journey.

Today I will be getting SCR-006 mastered! What is this release you ask? Well it is…

SCR-006: THE CHEIFS – Blues 7″!!!!

That is right, I am doing a very limited, officially sanctioned reissue of one of the BEST old L.A. punk sinlges of all time! This will be a one time only pressing of 400 copies and there will never be a second pressing. The original pressing of this single sells between 200-300 bucks on ebay these days and rightfully so, as it is fucking brilliant and there was not many of them made. I’m really excited about this one, as I am about SCR-005: Government Issue, which should be out next week!

So far the food count is:
In and Out: 2
Del Taco: 2

A much-needed and overdue trip to Pinks is also in the cards for me today.


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