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Back (for now)

Back from my 8 day trip to CA. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring. I’m back at work now and what made coming in on a monday morning, still on CA time so good was….


This means once the plastic bags arrive, which will hopefully be in the next day or two, the folding and stuffing can commence. For those who may care, there is 100 on yellow vinyl that you can only buy from the SC Mailorder. The website will be updated later this week with all the info, as soon as they are stuffed and ready for shipping.

Total CA food tally:
In and Out: 3
Pinks: 2
Del Taco: 3
Cheesecake Factory: 1
Korean BBQ: 1 (and a hell of a lot of fun including the post-meal tour of CA)
Duke’s: 1 (I regret not going more than once)

Total record haul: Plentiful, I’m doomed once the credit card bill comes. Best score of something old: A sealed copy of the Superheroines album on Bemisbrain for 17 bucks, which was almost half what they wanted for the open copy on the wall!

I took a few pix of some things on the trip that I’ll post once I get them pulled off the camera. I have a busy week ahead of me laying out the sleeve for The Cheifs record, and I have to remaster a CD for Mystic, plus prepare the Manor for not only a visit from my sister, but for the big Memorial Day BBQ bash in a week! So much to do, so little time!


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