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Memorial Day Sucess

The annual memorial day bbq bash at Combustion Manor was another sucess. It rained all morning, which meant I had to clean and reassemble the grill in the rain, but it stopped within an hour of the party starting and got nice out which made cooking out nice. Actually, I didn’t do much of the cooking, Don took it up and did a stellar job. There was a good turnout, a few people I expected to show up didn’t, but it was still a good crowd. Only a couple machines in the basement cracked under the pressure and broke, but nothing that can’t be easily fixed once I find some time to get to them.

The Government Issue record is selling well already which I couldn’t be happier about. I still have to make the one-sheet and solicit it to the rest of the usual distros. If all goes well, I should also have The Cheifs test pressings in by the end of this week. Now I just need Bob of The Cheifs to get me the materials I need for the cover and insert so I can start work on that.

This week brings lots of filling of mailorders, trying to get the Manor in order and hopefully some time to watch a couple DVDs.

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  • We had a blast, didn’t stay too long because the little one was restless (MXV giving him a SP button made him verY happy). We are looking forward to the next bash but will dread the new drive…….



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