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G.I. update

Two-thirds of the first pressing is already gone! In just two weeks I’ve gone thru so many of them. I am amazed at how fast these things are moving. I had one distributor reorder from me twice in the same week! A second pressing is inevitable, in which I will do a new color of vinyl. I’m looking into the details of a CD version as well. Personally I am against CDs but there seems to be a bit of demand for them.

In 7 days I will be seeing Skinny Puppy play here in Chicago. I am really scared that they might suck and thus further taint their legacy. I’m hoping they kick a lot of ass but that new album was rather disappointing so I don’t know what to expect from the live anymore. It is hard to beleive it was 12 years ago that I saw what ended up being their very last show with the “real” lineup of Cevin, Dwayne and Ogre. That was on the Last Rights tour, and I took a week off from work and saw 5 shows in one week; 2 Chicago, 1 Milwaukee, 1 Cleveland, 1 Detroit. Then the aforementioned final show was a couple months later in Chicago for the Metro’s 10th anniversary.

It turns out I have an extra ticket for the tuesday show next week, anyone want to go?



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