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Some bad luck

So I’m at work, it is 3pm, the day before I’m to leave for the big CA trip to see Skinny Puppy 3 times, and for work, and we had some food in the kitchen. I grab a couple slices of bread and head back to my desk ready to watch Byte This on the WWE website to see who Dr. Tom is going to talk to this week, and work on some stuff for work. I eat the first slice of bread, and it was good. I then bite into the second one and as I’m chewing, I feel a big cruch, like I bit into something hard, like a rock. The rock turned out to be part of one of my teeth! It broke right off. A good size chunk! I feel in my mouth where it broke, and there is a big hole in the tooth and it is sharp. I panic, quickly look up the # for my dentist and give them a call. I told them what happened and that I’m supposed to be on a plane tomorrow so I have to get it done right away. They told me to leave work right then and get out there and they’ll fix me up. Whew, that was lucky! So I went and got all fixed up (for now) but I have to go back a week after I return and get a crown. On top of being expensive, even with dental insurance, getting a crown is pretty damn uncomfortable! Oh well, it beats being toothless and I’m just grateful that I didn’t have to go to CA with a broken fucked up tooth and then try and find a dentist out there.

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  • Man! What’s fucked up is that I had to go with a broken tooth for months! You know how I broke said tooth, though? I was FLOSSING, for crying out loud! I guess the fact that I’ve not had my wisdom teeth out was part of the problem — my teeth were closing in on each other and my flossing was a bit too much stress for them to handle.

    Sad Christmas!


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