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Another weekend gone already

Friday nite after work, Lady Combustion and I went down to the Lyon’s Den for the last ever Punk Rock Friday show. I haven’t been there in a few months so it was nice to go back. Destroy Everything played, which it being the band of my beloved Klowns, was the sole reason really that I went. Well, not the sole reason as I did spend many a fun, drunken, evening at the Den for those punk nites. DE played first, which in and of itself was a travesty seeing as how the bands that followed them were quite inferior. I didn’t watch the second band, we were in the bar area in front talking to people. Some band from Pittsburgh that was all girls played their brand of sleazy rock/metal third, and Vicki played fourth. Now I’ve seen Vicki a few times, and was always entertained by their gimmick of playing in their underwear. This time they wore these naughty nurse outfits, and since said outfit more clothes than they typically wear, the show wasn’t nearly as good. You don’t see Vicki for their musical talent, for honestly, they have none. You see them for the gimmick, and they are killing their own gimmick with the additional clothes, leaving the audience to have to listen to their sub-par tunes. It wore thin halfway thru their set for us. I drove a very drunk Cheddar Nines and his lady home and called it a nite.

Saturday was pinball league finals. It was an endurance test that’s for sure, the thing went like 9 hours. I won my first fight, lost my second, and then lost my third one. Had I not blown the shot to start tour the mansion in TAF for my final fight, I likely would have won, then been elimiated in my next fight after that. With as little playing as I’ve done in the past year, I really did alright this season and can’t really complain. It was a fun time for everyone. I had 4 games break down though, which sucked. I fixed one yesterday but have 3 left to look at and who knows when I will have time to do that, maybe in the winter.

Yesterday Koz was in town and we went to Potbellys for the traditional 4 course meal. After that we played some pinball, fixed the one broken game and then we, along with Lady Combustion, watched a couple DVD movies. We watched They Live, and the new uncut version of Trainspotting. I did go to Best Buy yesterday too and I got the new Highlander 2 Special Edition, and found for $6 each, C.H.U.D. and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition! I couldn’t pass them up for such a cheap price.

Today it is back to the grind at work. Tonite I am going to a White Sox game with MAC. Tomorrow nite I have to pack some mailorders and hopefully work on some reviews for the website, I’m way behind!


  • This is the “international” version, the one they originally showed when it was released everywhere but the US. For the US, the had to cut a few things out. I noticed they show the actual injection when Ewan’s character shoots up the fix that makes him OD. I also think they, unfortunately, show more penis in the movie with the guy who shit the bed, and after Mark (Ewan’s character) bangs that high school girl. The other one was when the psycho guy who loves to fight is making out with that tranny in the car, they show his hand reaching down in the croch trying to finger the “girl” and realizing there is a missing input.

    It is a 2 disc set, with some making of shit and some deleted scenes. I haven’t gone thru all the extras yet, just some of them. I haven’t looked at the contents list vs the content list of my laserdisc to see if there is anything missing that is only still on the LD.


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