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  • That’s awesome! What a great story to read, I’m glad he got out and those guys treated him and his family so good.

    Although I am still quite upset with the WWE for them firing Dr. Tom Pritchard.

  • I don’t know how legit that girl’s comments are, it sounds more like she is bitter for being let go or whatever exactly happened. I wasn’t there so I can’t comment, but I can say wholeheartedly that Dr. Tom is not an evil man, and the people that I met in OVW were nothing short of professional, and completely dedicated to their craft. They didn’t expect a handout, and they bust their asses every day to perfect their craft and hopefully get the call to TV.

    Were I to fathom a guess, I’m thinking this girl thought having big fake gimmicks and looking good was all that was needed to make it in the WWE.

    As for Ivory being bitter, I would be too if I still looked good, and could wrestle circles around the current crop of ladies. They are wasting her by only having her host that weekend show that hardly anyone watches.

    I think I may bookmark this girl’s blog though, it does make for an entertaining read.

    I just found out Raw comes to Chicago in October, you can bet yr ass I’m going.

  • Jesus! First they were all dying, now they are all in critical health! Does this mean that both of Gene Mean’s kidneys are shot?! Holy crap! I hope he’ll be alright. I can tell you I sure do miss him on regular wrestling TV.


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