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Back to the Future DVD replacements

Ages ago, when the Back to the Future trilogy came out on DVD, there was an issue with all of them having framing issues. Seems someone in production f’d up big time and instead of doing a proper transfer in widescreen of film 2 and 3, they cropped a pan and scan (foolscreen) version! This is most evident in #2 when Marty has that self-fitting jacket, you can’t see his arms or anything! There was a way to return them free of charge and get the fixed version. Luckily this offer is still good as I procrastinated taking care of it. I went to this site which has all the info on it, and called the toll-free phone number on there. The friendly customer service lady took my info and is sending me a postage paid mailer to ship them by bad discs and be sent replacements. While they did try to downplay just what is F’d up on the disc, their info is not that accurate about it NOT affecting viewing. Regardless, they are more than happy to issue the replacements to anyone who wants one, and who wouldn’t want one?

And speaking of DVDs, I have been buying lots more of them than records. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there is not a lot of new music that I really like or follow, and all the old punk stuff that I am in need of goes for a fortune on ebay, well more than I can afford. The Lady Combustion and I have a lot of “his and her” movie nites so we’ve been both buying a lot of DVDs. I have a huge surplus of new things to watch piling up and look forward to each tuesday for new movies when there is something that interests me.


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