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Windows and snakes

I guess there is some huge security flaw in Windows that they discovered, or more than likely, knew about and finally fixed. I know this is a common occurance but this one sounds pretty bad. Apparently you can have yr computer comprimised simply by viewing a jpg over the web. There is a fix for it on Microsoft’s windows update site now.

These Arms Are Snakes played a most excellent set last nite at Bottom Lounge. They played a lot of songs off the new album (released next week). They were selilng it early though at their shows. I picked up the CD and the vinyl (white vinyl). I listened to the first 4 songs on the way to work today and so far it is really good. This time their light gimmicks made a return. The first time I saw them they had a couple strobe lights, then the last two times nothing. This time they had a bunch of different strobes and lights on stage and the singer would trigger them with foot peddals. It made for a cool effect most of the time, but at the expense of taking any good pix! Unless I am just a retard, the Nikon Coolpix 5000 has an extrememly difficult time in low light, especially at a show, even using the flash. It takes a lot of effort and fumbling around and luck to get the good shots I do. I haven’t pulled last nite’s from the camera yet but I think only a couple of them may be worth posting if that. I’ll have to wait and see when I get home. I may have to invest in a different camera next year, that or someone needs to write a “taking pictures at shows using a Coolpix 5000 and built in flash for dummies” book.

I didn’t stay for Engine Down last nite (they headlined the show). I have never heard them, I was tired, and since no one went to the show with me, I was also bored having no one to talk to so I went home. Apparently on this tour, they had their van and all their gear stolen. Everything! That really sucks.


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