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I had someone email me asking if I wanted to sell I wrote back and said unless it was some offer I couldn’t refuse, then it was not for sale. The person then wrote back again explaining what they wanted to do with the name and asked what I’d sell it for and said they work for a game company and can get me free games.

I also work for a game company, and can sometimes get free games. I certainly don’t need more of those. I never have time to play them anymore as it is. So obviously that isn’t going to be a lure.

I responded with

No offense but it would take a lot more than anyone would, in their right mind, be willing to pay. I’ve had the domain forever, and it is part of the name of my record label/webzine/old printed fanzine so it would in essence, be giving up its identity in a way. So unless it was enough to buy me a new house, I’ll be keeping it as I am quite attached to it.

I got a response that said “Good for you. I hope you get your millions some day.”

To me, the response came across as pissy, that the guy is somehow offended that I am not willing to give up the name spontaneous, which is part of a punk rock empire that I have created in 1985, for anything less than a new house. As if a few dollars and the lure of free games should be all it would take.

Buying that domain name, and keeping it all these years, is a bit of foresight that I am glad Ron and Thor persuaded me into. I love my domain as it is part of Spontaneous Combustion. My only regret was NOT getting back when it was likely available, now some stupid hot sauce people have that.

Obviously I don’t find it realistic that I can get millions for it, or that anyone would pay even 6 figures for it. But in order to give up something I have a big attachment to, and have forged an identity with, it is obviously going to take a lot for me to even conisder it. I’m willing to bet if someone traded me a bigger house than Combustion Manor in exchange for the domain, I’d probably not only miss the domain, but may even regret the decision. That may sound silly, but when you have a lot of time invested in something, it becomes a part of you.


  • Don’t ever sell it. And is soooo much better than it’s not even funny. And yeah, that reply was totally pissy. Fucknozzle.

  • I get that a lot about The Ramones. I DO like them, but I’m not way into them like most of my fellow old punks. I guess it was because I heard them after the Pistols and Damned, which along with 999 were the first punk records I ever heard and bought. Had I gotten to The Ramones before the other bands, maybe it would have been a different story. I don’t discount their HUGE influence on what would become punk rock, but to me personally, they were just one of the good old punk bands, but not one of my top faves.


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