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Last nite’s Raw gone wrong

Dear WWE,
Let the record reflect that the really entertaining tag match you had with Regal/Eugene vs. The “new Quebecers” (La Resistance) was totally ruined by the “dusty finish”. The crowd were way hot for the match and Regal in particular, and the match was working. Then you pull that crap where at the commercial you restart the match and the heels retain?! That killed all the heat you had with the crowd, and frankly the people at home. It left a bad taste in the mouth that lasted the duration of the show! I was so soured by that bullshit that I stopped paying as much attention to the show and it evolved into just being background noise for me while surfing the internet on my laptop. While I’m sure the great braintrust that is yr creative writing department (the same geniuses who gave us Lita being pregnant) have some elaborate master plan for those tag belts, which you have tarnished over the past couple years to being almost useless, would it really have been so bad to do the title switch that nite and write around it, or better yet come up with a better, more satisfying finish that doesn’t taint the rest of the evening?

You need some fresh blood in that booking and writing department. If you are finding yourself with a shortage of people to handle these things who love the business, I’m for hire.


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