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15 seconds of fame revisted

15 seconds of fame revisted

Apparently Midway Games put out an “arcade treasures volume 2” compilation for the Xbox that features Mortal Kombat 3 on it. They also included some video history about the game, featuring yours truly talkin about my involvement on that project. I haven’t seen it, but I imagine it was just taken from the “Making of MK3” special that aired on TV like 8 or 9 years ago. So now a little part of my past has been resurrected for a new generation of gamers I guess. It would have been nice of they would have sent me a copy of the game since I was in it, but since I’m not exactly on speaking terms with the MK puppetmaster over at Midway, I can see how sending me a copy wasn’t really high on the priority list.

Despite how shitty things became in the later years of my tenure there, working on MK3 (and Ultimate MK3) was a highlight of my time there, and working on it also helped me get thru the loss of my mother as it made for a perfect distraction, and the only thing that helped get my mind off of it at the time for a part of each day, and for that I’ll always have a fondness for the game. Plus if it wasn’t for that game, I probably wouldn’t have a career in videogames. It was really a fun time at what was a bad point of my life. I just wish that someone would have sent me a copy of it, it isn’t like I’m a hard person to find.

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