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Well, after battling sickness for a full week, and even caving in and going to the doctor (because work demanded a note for missing so many days), I am back in the swing of things, albeit slowly. Thanks to being couch-ridden for a week, I am way behind in things I needed to do. If you are expecting something that you bought off of me last week, they will ship tomorrow. I was able to pack everything up yesterday but since I had to go to UPS this morning, I had no time for the post office before having to get to work.

So tonite on my first day back to reality, I am going to see the original Godzilla in Japanese w/English subs, sans-Raymond Burr, with my Uncle over at the Tivoli. I’m looking forward to it and my Uncle bought me the ticket for my bday which was nice. Its funny that my uncle and I actually have more in common than my dad (his brother) and I do and that my sister has more in common with our father than I do, even though they don’t talk to each other.

This saturday I’m taking Lady Combustion to see Social Distortion. I was a huge Social D mark back in the early days of punk, and I was lucky to see them once when they were mostly still the same band. These days it is only Mike Ness and a bunch of guys who had nothing to do with the greatness that was Mommy’s Little Monster and prior. The new album is actually one of their better works, but it still isn’t the same. Lady C, however, is a huge Social D mark and thus the reason for us going. She’s way overdue for doing something that is something that she wants to do and not me. Last time I saw Social D was probably 1991, and it was a decent show, but nothing like when I saw them in 1987 or 88 when they played with Sham 69 and the Zero Boys at Cubby Bear. Now that was something!

So I heard today about that whole Ashlee Simpson fiasco. The thing that got me was what pop star doesn’t lip sync their music when they are “playing live”?! I would have been more shocked to find out she actually sings or even writes her own music! In another note related to her, I am pretty sure that while home sick, I was flipping channels and came upon TRL and the crappy MTV network and the fuckwad metrosexual who hosts the show was saying how she was punk. I was like “what the fuck?!” the host was easily the biggest moron on the face of the planet, and proved he was borderline retarded, but what pissed me off was I think he actually beleives that shit like that, and Gaye Charlotte and the like ARE punk! I think us real punks should file a class action lawsuit against MTV for their besmirching of our beloved punk rock name. Now there is a small chance that since I was sick, I halucinated the whole thing, but I was pretty damn coherent despite my having one foot in the grave.

Lastly for today, thanks to my good friend Jeff, I have acquired some holy grail items of punk rock records all listed to the left. It was the biggest and most unorthodox trade in history, but it worked out to both parties favor, and thanks to him I was able to procure items for the vault that I would never be able to afford, nor be willing to pay the actual cash for in today’s market. The Punk Vault will forever be grateful to him for it.

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