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How about trying something new guys?!

I’m watching NWA TNA Impact from the other day on my Tivo, and the first segment is a pretty much exact recreation of an old WCW NWO segment where they beat up guys outside and someone jumped off the stairs and Nash catches them and chucks them like a spear into the trailer. This TNA shit is so pathetic, between the constant high-spots that are so frequent that they get boring, to the complete and blatant copying of old story lines, but done second rate, that it amazes me they have kept afloat this long.

And come on, who really buys into Jeff Jarett as the perpetual world champ?! I’ve gone over this before in the past when this show was new but I’ll do it again. Ditch the stupid 6 sided ring, ditch the WCW rehashed stories, ditch Don West sport card shill as your “color commentator” and put that strap on someone who people actually give a shit about, and then maybe, just maybe, someone will watch. And for god sakes tone down on the high spots! Not only are those guys going to have very short careers, but you are also helping shorten people’s attention span and the matches are meaningless stuntman displays.

OK, end of rant. I just was so annoyed at this show that I had to vent.


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