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Let the leftovers begin!

Thanksgiving feast at the Manor was a big sucess. This was the first time since my sister moved away that there was Thanksgiving cooking at the Manor. I was pretty nervous about it because I had high expectations for my favorite meal of the year, but I have to say that they were met, much to my releif. I’m no cook by any stretch of the imagination and some things I was just to stupid to know how to do but luckily the Lady Combustion did know the stuff so we made it work. I had a couple friends who had nothing to do yesterday join us for the feast as well. I now have enough leftovers to feed Lady C and I for the next week almost.

Tonight is the Isis, Pelican, and These Arms Are Snakes show at Metro. That is almost every new band I like playing the same show! Wednesday’s Since By Man show was really good. They played a brand new song that was just amazing. Sam (singer) gave me the new EP of theirs that he promised me so that will be making its way to my Ipod asap. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead and I didn’t get any pictures. Dark Dave took some so I will get some from him and post them soon. Also Neon Christ sent me some more pictures from their reunion show that I’ll be posting this weeekend too.


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