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Make that 2 replacement phones!

So I had one of the original Motorola V710 cell phones that had the misaligned camera and crappy earphone volume. Last week I called Verizon and requested my replacement since the recalled them. I got it, only to have this new phone get all screwy just 3 days later. It kept resetting and freezing up on me. I called them again and they are sending me another replacement phone. This means I once again have to go over to a Verizon store and get them to copy my phone book from one phone to another. After they told me they’d send a new one, I shut off the thing since it was not working at all and left it off for about an hour. Just for kicks I turned it back on to see if it would work and now it does. I’m still going to take the new phone when it comes and send back this one, because who knows what caused it or what could be messed up inside.

What sucks is the Verizon store near me is in a strip mall with a Toys R Us and Best Buy, which makes for hellish traffic and parking at this time of year with all the xmas shoppers.


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