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Things to do this weekend

1. Finish NOFX CD booklet for Mystic
2. Catch up on reviews for the Spontaneous site
3. Begin Xmas shopping
4. Try and make a dent in the backlog of DVDs I haven’t watched
5. Go to the gym

Chances are I get sidetracked and maybe finish half the above list. There is just not enough days in a weekend to finish everything I want to do. When I become president of earth, I am making weekends 3 days long and the work week 4 days long.

This coming Thursday looks to be the last show I’ll be attending this year, and who better to spend some time with then the Klowns?! Destroy Everything is playing, check the upcoming shows list on the left for the info. Unfortunately since it is a late show and Lady Combustion works really early, she won’t be attending.


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