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Just when I thought I was done

So in my sister’s infinite obsessing over what I got her and her husband for xmas, she figured it out, and didn’t want it! So now I have to scramble to return it and go get replacement gifts. I have very little time to accomplish this tomorrow as I have to get prepared for the trip East. It is like 10 degrees outside this week, and the lines are going to be insane. Just what I needed.

The upside is now I won’t have to check a bag on the plane, so I should get through the airport in half the time it normally takes. This is also the first trip that Lady Combustion and I take together. Provided she can continue to put up with me until next year, we’ll probably go visit her family next xmas.


  • I find t funny that while we’re out east we’ll most likely be in closer proximity than we are in Illinois. Merry Xmas!


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