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The year gets off to a shaky start

Well, I finished off 2004 and started this new year sick. I seem to have caught a bad cold either from someone at work, or when I was on that damn overcrowded plane on the trip home last week. It really hit hard thursday nite, and on New Years Eve, which I had to go into work on, I was down and out. Lady Combustion and I just ordered some food and stayed in watching movies to ring in the new year. Aside from being sick it was a really nice quiet evening that I much preferred over all the running around and traveling we did the prior week.

2004 overall as a good year. The main thing was Lady Combustion coming back into my life of course. I put out a couple good records on my label that people really liked, was involved in some cool reissues on the Mystic Records label and I got to go to Los Angeles 6 times. This blog also changed from being mostly personal to being a visit inside the punk museum that is Combustion Manor. My need to share the old punk in the vault with people and not having a radio show as an outlet to do so pretty much was the catalyst in that. In doing so, I have noticed a huge increase in visitors to this here site and I’ve been getting a lot of good comments and email and that really makes all the time it takes to put the stuff together worthwhile.

I hope this new year is even better and even more fun. I have a couple of projects in the works for the label and a couple of things on my plate still for Mystic including a Flower Leperds retrospective CD. We’re nearing completion at work on this current game after which I’m going to need a much needed rest as I’ve been putting in a bunch of extra hours lately.

Happy new year everybody.

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