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Frontier colored vinyl

Back in the summer, I interviewed Lisa Fancher, owner of Frontier Records, for the Spontaneous Combustion site. We got to talking about records and I suggested to her that when she has to repress some more records that she should do them on colored vinyl. Well, she seemed to take my advice because there is 4 Frontier releases now on nice colored vinyl. Not only that, but Lisa was kind enough to send me one of each! Thanks Lisa for the nice donation to the vault!

Suicidal Tendencies – S/T LP

Adolescents – S/T LP

Weirdos – Weird World Volume 1 LP

Weirdos – We Got the Neutron Bomb LP

They may be available at your local record store. Unless you live around here for the last time I went shopping, no one had them. You could also buy them direct from the source if you’d like them for your own punk vault.


  • I picked up the Suicidal LP in Hoffman Estates. I suspect that might be the easiest one to find since that’s the most popular of the 4. That’s a pretty cool thing of Frontier to do. It be cool is more labels honored some classic records with a colored vinyl re-issue treatment.

  • I agree. Even though I own the originals of all these things, I am a completist and having them come out on color vinyl would get me to buy additional copies of them. That and they are just cool to look at.


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