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Dead Boys – Live at CBGB’s DVD

This review can also be found on the Spontaneous Combustion site but I added it here too because it deserves a special mention as it is a really good punk artifact.

Dead Boys - Live DVD, click me to buy

I don’t know where they keep finding all this great footage of ancient punk rock bands, but I am sure glad they keep at it. This is a multi-camera recording from way back in 1977. This features the band at their prime, delivering an energetic set full of all the “hits”. The video quality is amazingly good for being so old, while not modern day DVD quality, it is at least hi-quality VHS quality. The sound quality is very good too and they remixed it into 5.1 too, or you can watch it in stereo. The sound is equal to or better than some of their officially released live records. To round off the package is interviews with band that were shot that day, and also an interview with Cheetah Chrome that was done recently and it’s amazing to see how he looks then and now! There is also an interview with Hilly Crystal, owner of CBGB’s. Stuff like this is a rare find and deserves to be preserved and its great that it has been. Any fan of the Dead Boys and old punk would be hard pressed to find a reason to not have this in their DVD collection. You can order it cheap here


  • Thanks for the review of this. I saw it in the store last weekend, but passed on it, questioning the quality. I may have to pick it up this weekend.

  • From what I can work out, this is the complete show from this weird CBGBs doco from the 70s that also featured Blondie and the Ramones, and has been floating around on bootlegs for years. Is the Cheetah interview conducted with the other band members present?

  • The interview footage from that era was of the whole band present, plus there is recent interview footage of him alone talking about the old days of being in the band.

  • Oh man, that is just a bad bad idea. That would be like The Germs doing a reunion tour with someone else singing! If your frontman is dead, why would you ever think you can do a reunion show with someone else trying to fill those unfillable shoes?

    You wouldn’t by chance have any ties to the band silver abuse? Just asking cuz of your name you left, and the fact I’m looking for a copy of that 7″.


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